Health Food Store

Welcome to Ultimate Herbal health food store in Belmopan, Belize.

We would like to be your source for all things herbal, natural, organic, and well all things healthy!  We carry a diverse array of health products for enhancing your well being, assisting with weight loss, sports nutrition and even increasing your daily energy levels.

We’re proud to offer you great brands such as Nature’s Sunshine, Nature’s Way, NOW and many more.   And…Don’t think that we’re overpriced, because we are competitively and affordably priced, ensuring we are able to meet just about any and every need from big to small.

Got questions?

We’ve got helpful and knowledgeable herbalists to give you answers.   Stop in and talk to our experienced herbalists, Elizabeth, Mary, and Eva.   Why waste hundreds on herbs and vitamins if you don’t know your bodies’ specific needs and weaknesses?  Why not get individualized guidance on herbs and vitamins your body is crying out for?

Call to schedule your affordable, yet invaluable appointment for your one on one, individualized consultation with one of our specially trained and certified herbalists.

We’re located in Garden City Plaza, The heart of Belmopan on the junction of Mountain View Boulevard and hummingbird Avenue.

Ultimate Herbal Health Food Store
Belmopan, Belize
Tel:  822-2902
From U.S. Call: 011-501-822-2902